Food Product

In Malaysia, food products are regulated by Food Act 1983 and Food Regulation 1985. In Food Act 1983, food is defined as every article manufactured, sold or represented for use as food or drink for human consumption or which enters into or is used in the consumption, preparation, preservation, of any food or drink and includes confectionery, chewing substances and any ingredient of such food, drink, confectionery or chewing substances. This includes food for special dietary use for persons with a special disease, disorder or medical condition, and food which contain quantities of added nutrients allowable under the Food Act 1983 and Regulations. 

Other than that, the products must also be complied with Food Labelling Requirement before marketed in Malaysia. For the category of food product, JasCal is providing the following services. 

  1. Food Product Label Screening.
  2. Food Drug Interface Product Classification.