Food Product Label Screening

In JasCal, we are providing the service of food product label screening for our customers. We will advise the customer on the proper product write up as well as the labeling requirements before submitting for the application.

For consumer, food label is important because it provides its basic product information, nutritional and safety details for them. It is the primary method of communication between the company and consumers about the product. In this modern era, consumers has become more health conscious and they will differentiate between various product brands through the information of food labels. Hence, a good design of food label can also be served as a good marketing and advertising tools. 

However, there are rules on food product label to be complied before the products are marketed. Manufacturers, repackers, importers, retailers or any individual involved at any stage of product offered for sale, holds on the responsibility to ensure compliance to labelling requirement of the Food Regulations 1985.