Health Supplement Product Registration

The Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulations (CDCR) 1984 were promulgated under the Sale of Drug Act 1952. Under the CDCR 1984, Regulation 7(1):

Except as otherwise provided in these Regulations, no person shall manufacture, sell, supply, import, possess or administer any product unless:

  1. The product is a registered product; and
  2. The person holds the appropriate license required and issued under these Regulations.

Health Supplement product is one of the category of registered product. A Health Supplement means any product that is used to supplement a diet and to maintain, enhance and improve the health function of human body. It is presented in small unit dosage forms (to be administered) such as capsules, tablets, powder, liquids and shall not include any sterile preparation (eg injectable, eyedrops).

In JasCal Management & Consultancy, we are providing the service of registering Health Supplement Product to ensure the health supplement products are manufactured, sold, supplied, imported, possessed or administered in a lawful manner.