Services Provided

JasCal Management & Consultancy (JasCal) is providing services in various area such as regulatory affairs, intellectual property, quality management system, accounting & tax computation as well as limited liability partnership registration & related services.

The services in details provided by JasCal are as follow:

(A) Regulatory Affairs [especially with National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency or NPRA (formerly known as Biro Pengawalan Farmaseutikal Kebangsaan or BPFK)]

1.Food Product

  • Food Product Label Screening
  • Food Drug Interface Product Classification

2. Registered Product

  • Health Supplement Product Registration
  • Natural Product Registration (Traditional Product Registration)  
  • License Application- (A) Manufacturer License; (B) Wholesale License and (C) Importer License
  • Amendments to Particulars of a Registered Product: (A) Product Variation; (B) Change of Product Holder
  • KKLIU Application

3. Cosmetic Product

  • Cosmetic Product Notification
  • Product Information File (PIF) Compilation

4. Halal Certification- JAKIM 

5. Medical Device Product Registration

(B) Intellectual Property

  1. Trademark Registration

(C) Quality Management System (QMS)

  1. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)- Traditional Product
  2. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)- Cosmetic Product
  3. Good Distribution Practice for Medical Device (GDPMD)

(D) Accounting & Tax Computation

  1. Preparing financial and management accounting report
  2. Personal Tax Computation
  3. Business Tax Computation

(E) Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Registration and Related Services

  • Limited Liability Partnership Setup
  • Annual LLP
  • – Accounting and Tax Matters; Preparation of Annual Declaration Documents; Submission of Annual Declaration Documents
  • Other matters related to LLP

(F) Special Requested

Any other request or any application on any government services